The Storyteller

A Guide to Writing Your Life’s Stories

The turkey is tucked into the refrigerator…the dishes have been scraped and washed as the relatives chatter in the kitchen…now your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are leaning back in stuffed chairs in the late afternoon light, sipping their after-dinner coffee and reminiscing… one tells the story of Grandpa’s old shed where he kept his tools and machinery and an occasional stray cat or injured bird…another tells the story of your mother’s prom dress splattered with mud as her nervous date backed the car out to make her “carriage” easier for her to climb into… These old family stories are the stuff that traditions and roots are made of–the details of people’s lives that shaped and formed them into the individuals that they are, and that pass on the heritage from generation to generation. The stories of your mother’s or father’s life help you to know who you came from, why you believe what you do, and give you insight into a more personal history of your family’s special place in the world. History books and classes can never hope to give the rich essence of what life was like for your ancestors like small details that are recorded from personal memories. |

Your unique life is a gift to pass on in this very old tradition. For centuries, people have told their stories to the generations that followed to pass on their wisdom and heritage.
Now it’s your turn! No talent required!

Learn how to begin writing the stories of your life…just bring a pen and your memories.
Join Maria Hodkins, writer and author of The Storyteller: Guide to Writing Your Life’s Stories, for a workshop to start writing down the stories that have formed your life…learn how to tell your stories of struggles, successes, and significance.

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